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Protecting your rights!

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We Fight Harder for You

You have rights, and we know how to protect them.

Attorney Rahul Parikh and his staff are dedicated to protecting your freedom, reputation, and Constitutional Rights.  When you are accused of a crime and the State’s machinery is grinding against you, you need a seasoned, battle tested trial lawyer on your side.  

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Rahul Y. Parikh, Esq.
Rahul Y. Parikh, Esq.
Criminal Defense and Business Litigation Attorney

Our Promise to Each and Every Client

Exceptional Communication

Parikh Law, P.A. does not rely on an answering service, we use our dedicated staff to answer your calls and take care of your concerns.  When you hire Attorney Parikh, you will get his cell phone number and can call, text, or email him.  After all, we work for you.

High-Powered Representation

Attorney Rahul Parikh is a former DUI and domestic violence prosecutor in Orange and Osceola Counties.  In his first year as a prosecutor he tried over 15 jury and bench trials, and quickly built a reputation of being a skilled trial attorney.  He is certified by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association to conduct Field Sobriety Exercises, and in fact, has more specialized training regarding DUI investigations than most of the police officer’s patrolling the roads of Florida.

As a defense attorney, Mr. Parikh has represented individuals charged with everything from possession of cannabis all the way to trafficking in heroin and first-degree attempted murder.  Mr. Parikh is a student of his craft and is constantly upgrading his skills.

Mr. Parikh serves on the executive counsel of the Orange County Criminal Law Committee and volunteers his time at the public library holding seminars to inform the citizens of Orlando of their Constitutional Rights and Expunction potential.

VIP Service 

Everyone, and every case, is unique.  For this reason, Mr. Parikh takes the time to sit down with each and every client to learn more about their lives and their case in order to truly get the best result possible for them. When you hire us, you become family, and we defend you that way.

Check out our reviews online. We let our former clients and our results speak for themselves.

A Message from Attorney Parikh:

My job is protecting the citizens of Orlando and the Central Florida region and upholding the Constitutional Rights of those accused.  

I take this job seriously. I believe in what I do, and I love doing it. My favorite part of this job is going to trial. It’s that love of trial that often gets great results for my clients before a trial is necessary. Too often the State will try and force you into a deal. The Judicial system will try to grind and pressure you into giving up your rights and rolling over. Don’t do it. Let me analyze your case. Let me negotiate with the State on your behalf.   

Let me hold the State to its burden of proof. Let me fight for you.

You are innocent until proven guilty. Even if you “did it” the burden is on the State, not you, ever. By having a strong legal ally in your corner, you negotiate from a place of strength. This is how to get the best deal.

You have rights, and I know how to protect them. Don’t go down without a swing of the bat. But, if you have to swing, it’s best to bring the biggest bat you can carry. 

I live by my word and will always be straight with you. 

When you hire me, I will give you my cell phone number and you can call/text/email me at any time. After all, I work for you.

If you’re having trouble with the law, give me a call at 321-558-2704. We’ll sit down in my office, get to know each other, discuss the unique aspects of your case, and come up with the best solution for you.

God bless America and our God-given rights!

– Attorney Rahul Y. Parikh

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